Last August my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer, and was told she had 3 months to live.

Here we are - a year later, and now the doctors are working toward beating it all together!

We are SO blessed, GOD IS GOOD!

It has been a tough journey with ups and downs but my mom is finally feeling pretty good,

One of my mom's favorite preachers is Andrew Womack, and he has a healing conference just outside of Colorado Springs August 15th-18th. 
Bevause my mom has never really traveled anywhere or been able to see mountains (she is SO excited about the mountains) I would love to be able to take her on this trip.

Everything from fresh air, hot springs, healing salt caves, to just having something to look forward to will help her so much!

We need help with funding the lodging, food, transportation, things to do etc.

August 5th we will be having a small get together with snacks/drinks just to say thank you - and for all of the people who have been wanting to visit her can see where she lives and finally get to do so! :)

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